In these times of uncertainty, I am seeing something that is not at all surprising. People are taking this opportunity to judge others and spew all kinds of negativity and nonsense. Everyone has their thoughts and doesn’t mind sharing them openly and not allowing others to even get a word in edgewise. Not that this behavior didn’t exist before, but it seems exaggerated in times like these.

Here are a few things that I have noticed that may be contributing to the negativity.

People mainly getting their news from Facebook and other social media.

I can’t believe that this could be the case but you know it is. People don’t look to reputable news outlets for information, they look to their Facebook feed to all of the experts that are on their friends’ list. You know who they are. They are experts on everything that could possibly come our way. They know everything about vaccinations, diseases, and what you should or should not buy at the grocery store. They will spout judgment to the rooftops and stereotype different groups based on their age, political beliefs, or social status.

Lack of consistency

With so much inconsistency between states, it is very easy for incorrect news to get into the mainstream and add to the confusion. It also adds to people defending their state’s stance. Just another way to divide the country. Without a unifying figure, it is very easy for things to get completely out of control. I got lectured by a Walmart cashier the other day in Ohio because apparently, my state of Florida is not doing things correctly. Ok, can you ring up the few items that I was able to find in your store, please!

Americans really enjoy their freedom

We as Americans really have an issue with the government telling us what we can or can’t do. When this happens there is a population of people who lose their minds. There is a different population that starts to get concerned to the point of frustration. Lastly, there are those that don’t understand the reaction of others and need to speak their mind. All of this reaction leads to tension and misunderstandings.

I’m not saying that there are no bright spots in all of this. When things like this test us as a nation the great acts of kindness do occur. We will get through this. I just hope that we look back and are proud of how we behaved instead of looking back and seeing that we acted like we were having a two-year-old tantrum!