I wanted to share a story of something that happened while I was working last night. I thought that I was going to have a completely different story to tell but that is why this post is important. It is all about making snap judgments and completely misunderstanding the situation.

I was stocking pet food yesterday evening and there was a gentleman in the aisle with his son wandering the aisle while talking on the phone. I am used to working around customers while completing my job so that was no issue at all, of course. The cart took around 15-20 minutes and the man and his son were in the aisle the entire time. I was constantly rethinking which direction I was going to work and due to my anxiety, just the fact that they were staying in the aisle for so long was causing my brain to go into overdrive.

I was curious why someone would stay in this aisle talking on the phone for so long? My mind went to different reasons like the man using the wi-fi in the store to make the call and the aisle I was in is typically being one of the least traffic areas. I thought of many scenarios but none of them were good and my frustration level was through the roof. I just wish that I could stock the pet food that I needed to stock and stop waiting to stock certain items because that is the main area where they were pacing. I also acknowledge that someone with a slightly smaller anxiety level may not have even noticed.

Here is where I feel like an idiot. When I am almost done with the cart of pet food, the man walks over to me and politely asks if he can have one of the items that I have yet to stock. He had simply been patiently waiting for me to stock that item so that he could purchase it. Ironically I had been waiting to stock that item because I was so preoccupied with why he was still in the aisle. I felt really horrible.

I had allowed myself to make assumptions and snap judgments without knowing all of the facts. The truth is that we will never know all of the information. We never really know everything that could be going on in another person’s life or mind that might be causing them to act the way that they are or make the decisions that they make. It is difficult not to react to situations through our own lens but this interaction sure taught me a lesson. I think that God or the universe throws those at us every once in a while in an attempt to make us a better person. I try to listen.