Jordan and I were so excited to be invited to be guests on the Monorail Tales Podcast. Monorail Tales Podcast is a Disney Fan Podcast that is hosted by some people that we are grateful to call friends. We have tried a few different times to make this conversation happen because, to be honest, I just wanted to talk with these guys for a while. We just happened to record it so you all could listen in if you wanted. It is a conversation between friends getting to know each other better. We ended up talking for so long they needed to split it into a few episodes I believe. We could have talked longer, trust me!

Jordan and I talk about our move to Florida and our experiences here. We talk about our travels and some of our struggles as well. We even get into some deep conversation for a bit that I hope didn’t get too heavy for such a fun podcast. We hope you enjoy the podcast and if it isn’t already that The Monorail Tales Podcast becomes part of your podcast rotation!


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